App Tastic Number 8


I know its been a while since my last post… far too much Christmas and New Year cheer! Actually living in Australia now has meant usually I eat far less than when I did in England being far hotter i guess … but on this occasion once again I indulged myself!

Anyway, here are the apps of the week … and hot off the press 

Red Critter – on computer and as an app

Red critter for teachers (2)

It looks amazing though after the free trial there is a cost, but it looks well worth the money I reckon. You get a free 30 day trial so worth having a look.

red critter 1

Its basically something I have been looking for a while… an app/program which allows teachers engage and recognize student achievement with an amazing array of points; badges; awards; skills; reward points etc. You can design your own or get other teachers ideas in the ideas section and add them to yours, as well as create your own. It can be customized for each teacher, as you can put your own timetable/classes on it etc . You can also create and scan QR codes to give your students digital badges, certificates, skill points, virtual currency and more

Its made for teachers which is great. I think this could be good for future teaching…


2nd App – An Old Classic but with modern twist – Autorap by smule

autorap 2 autorap

Still great for an odd task or for any good reason and my classes have loved it … turn anything into a rap … you get a load free, you can then earn more or buy more. My kids have loved being able to turn their work into a rap! Its cool … well i think so and the students do too!


Basically talk or sing into the mike … then re-mix it into your favorite rap song or artist. Give it a go … even as a teacher its great fun. Just do a search on you tube and you will see…

I hope you enjoy this weeks … See you all next week


App Tastic Number 7

Well, after doing 330km of the Great Victorian Bike ride I have now recovered enough to do  the 7th edition of my great apps for teachers…

In Australia we have nerly finished another really great and busy year …

  1. Magicalpad


Its basically 4 apps in 1 … a really good mindmapp app; an outliner; note taker; and organiser all wrapped into 1 well designed app. I had used simplemind and a few other ones but now  this is even better.

It has many great features and it allows you to make really ‘good looking’ mind maps. I especially like the ability to import images and to change colours of each background etc.

magical pad 2 magical pad 3

2. Aurasma – A quality augmented reality app


If you know nothing about Augmented reality … this is a really easy app to use … basically brings yours or your student work to life …

you make your content … then make a trigger poster … and then make the Aura …  honestly its amazing and doesnt take much work.

Here is a great tutorial to get you started …

I will endeavour to do another one before christmas … I wish you all a fabulous and relaxing holiday.

Cheers for now

App Tastic Number 6

Wow … 3 blogs in a row I must be improving, or is it that all my senior students have left so I have more time!

I keep forgetting, but if any of my followers want any ideas for apps to do a particular job, please just comment on my blog … also it would be great to start conversation as to how apps are being used by yourself in schools.

1st app

360 Panorama (Cost varies I got it for free on app of the day!)

A great panoramic camera app. Point and shoot a full 360 degree picture and then watch the app produce an interactive photo … its well worth it and its hard to explain, I will try and post a video of my own example next week …

Example of a panorama

Example of a panorama

360 panorama app logo

360 panorama app logo

2nd app

Snapguide (free with sign up)

Use it for whatever purpose, but basically its an app to produce ‘how to guides’ on near enough anything. My students have used it to complete a nutrition unit where they had to prepare, cook and evaluate a healthy meal, many students were so surprised as to how many hits they got and comments made. You can make these public or private. You can detail, step by  step images with text and video if you wish. It can basically be used for anything … science experiments … design … media … english book reviews  etc etc

One of the great things about it is that you can leave feedback … and it is multi platform!

page examples from snapguide

page examples from snapguide

Snapguide logo

Snapguide logo

Snapguide on all platforms

Snapguide on all platforms

App Tastic – Number 5

Welcome, welcome … I have actually kept to my 1 a week at last! Just the pressures of teaching and parenthood I guess, the blog always gets to be last … Well its only 4 more weeks of term for us here in Aus. 2 more apps for you to try …

1. Videodownloader or Video downloader Pro (basically do the same thing) FREE

Do you want to download videos and then import them into projects on your ipad, well these 2 are great … i used the ‘lite’ version initially but they soon turned up as full examples on app of the day … keep your eyes peeled for these …

video downloader

video downloader pro

Basically you can save the downloaded video and the open either to your camera roll or in the case of Pro download to another presentation app. really works well.

2. Backchannel chat (FREE and also linked to schoology) – Safe, secure classroom discussions

Basically a great tool to use with students to chat online for  revision etc either in the classroom or out of it … set up a backchannel chat and then send the code to your students to join. Many uses for this I reckon and you can control all entry, posts etc … secure.

backchannel-chat-logo Chat-Settings screen-app-37669421


Have you tried ‘Zaption‘ or ‘Educanon‘ (both interactive video learning platforms) … these are amazing … import videos, add questions throughout the video, share with students, they work at their own pace … get all  the stats about who had answered what etc … truely amazing

ps Educanon has an app in schoology!

see you all next week

App Tastic – Number 4

Hi All

This term seems to be going very quick, term 3 seemed so slow in comparison and the year has flown by. Here are 2 great apps to use in your teaching …

Wunderlist – FREE with sign up

By far the best app for making lists… if your anything like me you need to write everything down, the ‘to do’ lists, parents to contact, classes to organise, work to mark… this does it all … and the great thing is you can share lists and collaborate on them as well …great to share ideas with other staff etc

And another great thing is that it is available in any format … iPad, android, mac etc and they are all linked!

wunderlist 1

wunderlist 2

Here is the link …

App 2

Videoscribe (approx $8) 

An amazing presentation app that is well worth the money … basically you put in all the text, images etc and then change the dynamics of the it, size, position, timing etc and then hit play … and it plays as though you are writing it on screen … kids are always amazed …and you can change the hand! Its a whiteboard animation app basically…

Click on the image and it will all be revealed!

videoscribe 2 videoscribe1

You can add a load of features including sound and if you use ‘audacity’ or a similar program you can import an mp3 commentary etc over it if you wish …

Well, see you all next week

best wishes


Appy Appy Appy

Hi All

sorry for the delay in week 3 of my ‘apps for teachers’ …

learning Management Platforms (schoology, edmodo or idoceo)

You definitely need a learning platform, I  have pretty much, basically gone paperless in my classes and the use of the ‘schoology’ platform has been great.

This is a must have app … I love it and have all my classes using it for submissions; discussions; pastoral; notices; assignments; attendance;  analytics; etc etc the list goes on …  I prefer it to Edmodo but this is pretty good as well

schoology logo

schoology logoSchoology_logo_black


Quality platform and with the added bonuses of online collaboration using a variety of in-house apps such as ‘backchannel’; added rubrics so you can tap and mark; sharing resources, ideas etc so it basically acts as an online PD …


another good learning platform which is very similar to schoology … with many similar features


Idoceo – this is a great little app basically acting as a teachers assistant, it costs but it ‘looks better’ than the other 2 but doesn’t have as many features. Great for assessments and in particular practical  subjects where you or students can get instant formative assessment … it’s very young children friendly in that you can award stars etc

idoceo page



Week 2 Appy Dayz

So a couple of apps  to keep you going…

Presentation App – Thinglink

This is an amazing app, which can be used in any subject … basically this is a great little app that ‘makes your images interactive’. it basically makes your images come to life .

thinglink 2


Here is a video as a tutorial

2nd App

Double Music Pro

Allows you to connect your headphones and share 2 different tunes … 1 to each ear piece! sharing is good!

double music pro 2 double music pro


Maths Duel – this just cam up for free …

A maths game where you share your ipad screen and battle maths problems with an opponent … great for the kids, great for starters or plenaries

maths duel 2 mathss duel